Dimensioning the extended capacity of Zlatar Ski Center using linear programming method





linear programming, ski lifts and ski slopes, optimization of extended capacity


Zlatar Ski Center has an extremely high potential as a ski resort that could be among the most visited ones in Serbia. What characterizes this center is the proximity of Kokin Brod Lake, the Tara River and the like. Therefore, Zlatar should be considered both as a ski center and in terms of other diversities. The aim of this paper is to analyze the possibility of expanding the capacity of ski resorts by increasing the possible flow of skiers on new ski lifts and ski slopes. The methods used in this paper belong to operational research, specifically, the geometric interpretation of linear programming. It is also shown how to optimize the extended capacities. If the capacities of ski slopes are to be increased, it would initiate greater investment in accommodation capacities in the area of the municipality of Nova Varoš, which would affect its improvement in terms of tourism.


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