Status and prospects of tourism product development: Events/Festivals in Serbia


  • Данијела Вићентијевић Министарство трговине, туризма и телекомуникација Републике Србије, Београд


events/festivals, tourism, SWOT analysis, tourism product


A tourism product means the overall tourism experience of tourists that meet their expectations, including those regarding accommodation, natural and cultural attractions, entertainment, transportation, hospitality, catering, and so on. Events/festivals are a global phenomenon gaining importance through the events industry. This tourism product can be quickly placed on the market in Serbia so that a significant portion of tourism demand could be attracted with minimal investments. Having in mind that this form of tourism is an integral part of the tourist offer of Serbia and an important part of our culture, it should be developed and commercialized faster. Events/festivals are unique experience for visitors being an integral part of the Serbian people tradition and a powerful tool for attracting more tourists, regardless of their primary travel motivation. Although the events/festivals are an important resource for tourism in Serbia, they are neither sufficiently valorised, nor is enough attention paid to their organization and promotion. The aim of this paper is to point out the necessity of further research of tourist events/festivals aimed at improving unfavourable situation in this area. The method and results: the creation of a SWOT analysis as the first step in strategic planning.


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